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D-Table is useful for performing infinite functions, unlimited interactive experiences usually available on smartphones and maxi-tablets, combining the best Italian design and cutting-edge technology. D-Table offers a unique exciting, contemporary and dynamic experience like today's lifestyle. The functions of the D-Table interactive touchscreen table are many, from entertainment to business, through the multitouch interface and wireless connection.

D-Table is present on the market with two different lines, the Luxury and the Business collection and the whole range of D-Table operates on the basis of the Windows 10 operating system, while the interaction with the operating system is performed using a touch interface to ultra-thin screen. As for the other D-Table functions, they work on the basis of the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The device has an Intel HD 6000 graphics card, a 120 GB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM, and WI-FI and Bluetooth modules for connection to external devices provided by USB 3.0 interface.

Thanks to the collaboration with Evolutha we have completed the D-Table proposal with a series of touchscreen software useful for quickly designing and uploading content within our products. Evolutha is the only retailer for Italy of the following software

The importance of implementing D-Table products with touchscreen software stems from the desire to make them useful for our daily activities in both business and leisure.
The use of touchscreen software in our business increases the perception of the brand as we are naturally predisposed to process information faster when presented with visual content.
Clear ideas are communicated because when you are involved you learn faster and all this translates into more opportunities for our business.


Software Touchscreen

Lima transforms your presentations, catalogs, videos, websites and more into an extraordinary interactive experience. This solution is perfect for promoting your products, services and brands in commercial spaces such as showrooms, retail, offices and meeting rooms.

 has been designed to make the presentation of images, videos and documents incredibly simple from the local hard drive, protected network sharing, USB drives and even through your Dropbox system to make your presentation fast, smooth and easy to understand.

Main features:

  • User accounts: Organize your presentations of products, projects and people. These categories can be optionally protected by PIN codes.
  • Import: Lima imports presentation files from various content sources such as USB drives, local folders, secure network shares and Dropbox.
  • Supported File Types: Currently, Lima supports different types of documents, images and videos: PDF, JPG, PNG, WMV, AVI, MOV, SVG, PPT, XLS, DOC.
  • Sharing: Share and save your photos, videos and documents for USB drives, local folders and even mobile devices.
  • Clipboard: Annotate and highlight on the presentation to make your point editable.
  • Pick'n FLICK: Create an unforgettable experience and browse the presentation of a secondary display, such as a Maxi screen.
  • Branding: Lima is easily customizable and ready to increase brand awareness. Adjust the interface to your needs, choose text colors and custom background images.

Snowflake Business

Software Touchscreen

Snowflake Business is the collaborative multitouch software for corporate meeting rooms recommended for screen sharing with multiple users on the same screen.
On the occasion of events and meetings and whenever there is a need to use images, videos, PDFs and PowerPoint documents in addition to the classic internet navigation.

Main features:

  • Multi-user collaboration of the zones
  • Blackboard
  • Snowflake remote control (iOS + Android)
  • Start third-party applications
  • Support to change text in any language
  • Support via e-mail, Skype and forums
  • Telephone support

Snowflake Entertainment

Snowflake Entertainment is a world of fun at your fingertips with over 30 apps. Create emotional connections between users and corporate identity. Highligth your brand with a wide range of engaging interactive games. Attracts people at events or exhibitions for public and private spaces. For adults and children.


Software Multitouch

Objectviz allows the recognition of objects without a camera with the simple positioning on the screen appears a window with the content of what we want to communicate about that object as technical specifications or product presentation.
Applying our transparent PhyMarks (physical markers) to objects, the ObjectViz software opens and calibrates your object and you're done!
ObjectViz works with all multitouch systems like infrared (IR), capacitive (telephones, tablets, tables).

Main features:

  • Simultaneous identification of multiple objects
  • Database with separate ID configurations (set of objects)
  • Detection of the rotation angle (+/- 5 °)
  • Delimitation of the interactive area
  • Fluid interaction @ 60 fps
  • data transmission via TUIO
  • Multi-platform compatibility


Software Touchscreen

D-App with this application it is possible to have one or more customized screens and self-managed screens with direct access to the links of websites, pdf, presentations, videos without having to leave their own home page. D-App is also useful for events and happenings of various kinds as well as being able to build your own daily work schedule.

Main features:

  • Customization of one or more personalized home pages
  • Auto-managed content configuration
  • Inserting documents and links
  • PDF and video input

D-App and D-Table

The opportunity to use images, videos, maps, PDF files, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programmes and much more. D-Table can be used as a maxi tablet to keep and share all kinds of files. Built-in apps can help you socialise, stay in touch, share and view documents and multimedia contents, organise photos, listen to music, and tool for your business.