Luxury Multitouch Tables





D-Table, The Luxury Interactive Multitouch Tables are handmade by Italian artisans and specialized IT engineers. Italy is an infinite source of inspiration, a place of great value and elegance where the importance of style permeates every aspect of life.

The secret is, "the Italian Style", a cultural philosophy that merges deeply into the Italian ideology. The Italian style influences art, architecture, design, even social education; from the cut of a dress to the design of a car, from home furnishings to the kitchen. Famous for its quality and craftsmanship, the prestigious "Made in Italy" label has a golden value. This form of identity has always been associated with prestige. The flagship of the "Made in Italy" values ​​is Danilo Cascella, the creative mind behind the Interactive Touch Screen D-Table. The constant characteristics that embrace all the D-Table collections, Multitouch Interactive Interactive Tables, are therefore craftsmanship and of course, the "Made in Italy" factor. All Touch Screen Tables are one by one made and assembled by the hands of Italian artisans and specialized computer engineers. The whole D-Table range, both Luxury Collection (D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster), and Business Collection (D-Young, D-Lounge, D-Easy, D-Point Outdoor, D-Point Indoor and D- Kit) can be completely customized and is designed to be of the highest quality by Italian specialists in the furniture production sector.

Luxury Table Multitouch



The colors of the entire range of D-Table Touch Screen Multimedia Tables, both Luxury (D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster), and business (D-Young, D-Easy, D-Lounge, D-Point Outdoor, D-Point Indoor and D-Kit), are made with special glossy and opaque paints. The painting also used in the world of luxury cars meets the highest quality standards and is in line with the production processes necessary to ensure high resolution combined with flexibility and speed of production. A characteristic of the production of D-Table is the use of quality components from the main manufacturers. This allows us to ensure the functioning of our appliances without any problem. All our products are certified and pass the check before being shipped to the buyer. From the beginning, Danilo Cascella, the Italian designer behind D-Table, has been intrigued by all the luxury materials and selects the best materials such as carbon fiber, the finest wood, prestigious steel and exotic leathers to give customers an absolute quality product of the best Italian production as well as the pride of Made in Italy.