Luxury Multitouch tables

Handmade by Italian Artisans Luxury Table

Italy is an endless source of inspiration, a place of grandeur and elegance where the importance of style permeates every aspect of life. The secret is "La Bella Figura" - literally 'the beautiful figure' - a cultural philosophy that is embedded deep in the Italian psyche. La Bella Figura influences art, architecture, design, even social etiquette; everything from the cut of a suit, the design of a car to the way you greet friends. Famed for quality and craftsmanship, the prestigious “Made in Italy” label is worth its weight in gold. This label has always been associated with prestige, Standard bearer of the “Made in Italy” values  is Danilo Cascella, creative mind behind Luxury touchscreen table D-Table.

D-Table, Made in Italy

The constant features that encompass all the D-Table collections are the craftsmanship, and then, of course, the “Made in Italy” factor, all the multi-touch tables are one by one realized and assembled by the hands of italian craftsmen and specialized IT engineers. Completely handcrafted by Italian Artisan all the range D-Table (D-Zero, D-Time, D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Young) Direct production only in ITALY with Italian materials and specialised artisans. D-Table is a niche design, a Luxury piece of furniture,  that can be fully customized and is crafted to the highest quality by italian specialists in furniture manufacturing in the headquarter of Corepixx in the province of Modena.

Tavolo di Lusso Multitouch

Highly customisable
Its design also comes in two luxurious finishing options, one in carbon fibre and another one with more sophisticated look by hand-applied fine piton skin coating.

Luxury Paints

The painting for all the range of the D-Table Luxury Multitouch tables (D-Zero, D-Time, D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Young) is done with special glossy and opaque colours. Paintwork meets the world highest standards and is in line with the production processes required to ensure high quality combined with flexibility and rapid production lead time.
D-Table touch screen experience and luxury materials. Open mind towards the future along with respect of traditions and freedom in creation are also key-points.

Luxury Materials

A feature of the D-Table production is the use of quality components from leading manufacturers. This allows you to ensure trouble-free operation of our equipment. All our products are certified and pass the control before shipping to the buyer. Danilo Cascella, Italian designer behind D-Table, has been intrigued since the beginning by all the luxury materials and selects the best materials such as carbon fibre, the finest wood, prestigious steel and also exotic leathers to give the customers a product of absolute quality of the finest Italian production.


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