Bespoke Luxury Multitouch Table

D-Table is a niche design that can be fully customized and is crafted to the highest quality by italian specialists in furniture manufacturing. D-Table is an interactive table made entirely in Italy with State of the Art technology. It has been designed to coexist within prestigious luxurious environments so needs to be highly customisable . The contemporary and versatile design of all the D-Table (D-Zero, D-Time, D-SquareD-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Young) is articulated in a mix of complementary materials and is customisable in many different configurations, choosing from the available luxurious finishing options of solid wood, briar wood, marble, crystal, steel, and carbon fiber for an unique and original design.

Luxury Finishings

Gold, silver and precious stones finishes are also available. Color, size and materials can be modified on request, customized. Danilo Cascella creative mind behind D-Table, interactive solution that meets every need, has always been intrigued by luxury finishings. The majority of D-Table pieces use advanced and unusual techniques and luxury materials such as carbon fibre, the finest wood, prestigious and also exotic leathers but on request Danilo can create bespoke versions.

desing interior Technology Touch

Collaboration with architecture and design interior design practices

Luxury multitouch table D-Table has been designed to coexist within prestigious luxurious environments. Conceived by Danilo for his customers in their homes, yachts, offices, private aircrafts, D-Table, luxury multitouch table, is versatile for its simplicity to every type of environment. Perfect piece of furniture for prestigious interiors and home automation tool .The company, through collaboration with experienced professionals in the industry, also takes care of the table design aspects, trying to integrate these into architectural elements of the clients ambience.

Display Multitouch Table

Technological part of multitouch table D-Table with all the interactive solutions, can be inserted in the corporate style table of your company, with the image, the logo and the name of your company. Highly customisable D-Table models (D-Zero, D-Time, D-SquareD-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Young) can on request being modified, customized. Danilo Cascella can completely design a new display table from the beginning under the client specifications. Danilo Cascella understands perfectly the meaning of innovation. Whether it is by introducing new ideas, devices, and methods, or translating ideas or inventions into systems and mechanisms, he is consistently creating value for customers.


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