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The 100 points multitouch surface of the luxury touchscreen table is a durable tempered glass that will withstand almost any mechanical impact and prevent moisture from entering.

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The Touchscreen Technology used in our interactive tables with multitouch display can be capacitive or optical. The glass of a capacitive touch screen display is coated on the inner side with conductive layers that are sensitive to the simple touch of the finger. The alteration is detected and managed by a management software. The touchscreen displays with capacitive technology, present several first advantages among all the durability thanks to the fact that the glass protects the technology.

The advantages of this touchscreen technology are the maximum protection of the glass layer that protects the technology and ensures greater resistance to wear over time. Another of the advantages of touchscreen devices is the remarkable ease of use due to the excellent sensitivity of these displays that do not require strong pressure to operate but only require a light touch. Unlike optical touch screens, it is immune to changes in ambient light, allows the detection of the amount of pressure on the touch and allows the creation of devices with all-flat shapes.

The capacitive touchscreen display as well as the advantages also has disadvantages that are represented by a higher cost and a lower transparency than the optical ones.

The touchscreens made with infrared technology, on the other hand, consist of a glass surrounded by a series of diodes and sensors positioned along the edges of the screen. Pulse sequences are emitted from the LEDs until they form an invisible network of light rays in front of the panel surface. When this mesh is interrupted by a solid object, the electronic circuit sends the coordinates to the controller. This technology has the advantage of offering very transparent screens and has excellent calibration stability. As disadvantages it has poor speed of touch response, problems with brightness changes and with fingers that draw trajectories that intersect (occlusion). The positioning of the illuminators along the edges requires a frame that protrudes from the screen by a few millimeters.

Technology and Design for Dreamers


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