D-TABLE – The first multitouch table by Danilo Cascella.


The first multitouch table by Danilo Cascella



Danilo Cascella is the standard-bearer of Made in Italy and the creative mind behind the D-Table is the Multitouch Table of Interactive Design Made in Italy. The common feature of all D-Table products is refinement. The entire D-Table range is completely handmade, created by the best Italian manufacture. Danilo Cascella is an entrepreneur born in Italy in 1966. Guided by his passion and family experience, Danilo Cascella carries on a life project started in the 60s by his parents, creators of the famous Cascella fashion stores.
During his early years of business around the world, from the United Kingdom to the United States. In the early years of worldwide business, his work took him to the United Kingdom and the United States. After gathering valuable experiences abroad and building a global vision, Danilo Cascella has returned to Italy to take over and consolidate the family business.

Always looking for new adventures and news to present to his international customers, in 2013 he started working with Samsung and opened the Samsung Lounge at the Cascella Fashion Design Store in Porto Cervo. Among its objectives, there has always been the desire to make different realities coexist, such as fashion, technology, and design. Among the many ideas born from this collaboration was D-Table, a Made in Italy design multitouch table. Finally, his project was taking shape. Design, technology, and fashion come together in a single object the D-Table an interactive multitouch design table made entirely in Italy with cutting-edge technology.

Finally, the only interactive multitouch table in the world was born.

D-Table is the interactive multitouch table that allows you to surf the internet and make your choices with the touch of a finger. Thanks to the large interactive multitouch surface, D-Table is suitable for many different uses. The touchscreen technology, of the recognition of the touch, used in the D-Table multitouch table by Danilo Cascella is avant-garde, in all the different D-Table models (D-SquareD-CosmoD-MonsterD-YoungD-Easy, and D-Lounge) being the same for some time and successfully used by technology manufacturers around the world.

This interactive multitouch table also allows multiple users to work simultaneously with the 100 touch multitouch film functionality. Large format multitouch devices are now part of our life and we find them both in public and private spaces as they offer the possibility of having an interactive area that meets the needs of practicality, safety, energy-saving, optimization of resources, and reduction of waste. The contemporary and versatile design of all D-Table products, an interactive multitouch table, is available in a mix of materials, tailor-made customizations are possible for every need, choosing from the luxurious finishing options available in solid wood, briar, marble, crystal, steel, and carbon fiber for a unique and original style design. D-Table has a niche design that can be customized as it has been designed to coexist in prestigious luxury environments. D-Table, the interactive multitouch table is available in 49 and 55-inch versions with an extension of 65 "and 84", but can be made, if necessary, in all sizes, from 32 to 98 inches. The interactive multitouch table works on the basis of the Windows 10 operating system, thanks to which it is possible to download ad-hoc applications. In fact, we developed D-Table as a plug & play device that can be managed by anyone without previous knowledge. D-Table can also be supplied with customized content management software that allows you to present products, services with images, videos, and much more interactively. The touchscreen software makes the customer completely independent, who can easily manage and publish his content through an intuitive interface that can be reached remotely.
Today D-Table is an established reality worldwide for customers who want to have a quality multitouch table with an Italian design appeal.

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