Technology Tool Kit


Touchscreen Technology - 100 points multi touch

Choose one of the D-Table models or go for the Technology Tool Kit Touchscreen to be installed in your own table

A touchscreen kit is available on request in order to implement customers own tables. D-Table is a niche design that can be fully customized and is crafted to the highest quality by italian specialists in furniture manufacturing.  Customers can choose the contemporary and versatile design of all the D-Table (D-Zero, D-Time, D-Square, D-Como, D-Monster, D-Young),choosing from the available luxurious finishing options or can easily choose the Technology Tool Kit Touchscreen . The D-Table team can supply the technological parts boasting multi touch applications to be placed in tables already set - technological part of multitouch table D-Table with all the interactive solutions, can be inserted in the corporate style table of companies, stores, boats , private jets and so on.


D-Table allows you to browse the internet and present your choices with just the swipe of a fingertip. Technology allows people to use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media contents.

Highly Customisable

100 points multitouch screen.

Highly customisable D-Table models (D-Zero, D-Time, D-Square, D-Como, D-Monster, D-Young) can on request being modified, customized. Danilo Cascella can completely design a new display table from the beginning under the client specifications. Danilo Cascella understands perfectly the meaning of innovation. Whether it is by introducing new ideas, devices, and methods, or translating ideas or inventions into systems and mechanisms, he is consistently creating value for customers. The versatile multitouch technology and the different interactive solutions boasted by the D-Table can be applied to any other table and covert every environnment with multitouch technology.

multitouch technological kit

Capacitive Technology
The touch occurs through a normal glass boasting the capacitive film inside. The glass then covers and protects the electronics (monitors, PC, ...) located in its interior.


Capacitive Technology

All the interactive features, the multi touch application, available inside all the D-Table  models and the multitouch kit are implemented using capacitive technology. The touch occurs through a normal glass boasting the capacitive film inside. The glass then covers and protects the electronics (monitors, PC, ...) located in its interior.

  • Flat Forms
    Improve the aesthetics and help users with Windows 10 bars.
  • Light Immune
    Unlike optical technology, the multitouch display has no problems with the light changes
  • Security
    Technology is protected inside the table, users interact through the multitouch display.
  • Isolation- waterproof multitouch display
    Resilience to severe impacts, scratches, liquid spillages and harsh cleaning chemicals. If someone overthrows food or drinks on the multitouch screens with just a stroke of cloth and everything is clean as before.
  • Long Life
    Thanks to integration mode.
  • Ghosting
    not present
  • Large Mass Detection
    If the user leans palms or elbows it is not perceived as a nice gentle touch and automatically excluded.
  • Windows 10
    Side bars are easy to use, Windows from version 10 onwards, flat surface.