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Windows 10 Multitouch Table

D-Table can be used as a maxi tablet to keep and share all kinds of files . D-Table features an operating system from Windows 10 onwards and is currently presented in 6 different models: D-Zero, D-Time, D-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Square and the latest D-Young, all born from the Danilo’s pencil.

The interactive table operates on the basis of the operating system Windows 10, while the interaction with the OS is carried out using a touch interface on an ultra-thin screen. As for other features of D-Table, it works on the basis of the Intel Core i5 processor, the device has an Intel HD 6000 graphics card, a 120 GB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules for connection External devices provided interface USB 3.0.

Unlimited App Available on the Windows App Store

D-Table performs everything, unlimited Interactive experiences usually available on smart-phones, maxi tablets combining the finest Italian design and the cutting edge technology.

As with Android tablets, iPhones and iPads, Windows 10 can also download applications that are optimised for this touchscreen table. D-Table is a unique and exciting touchscreen experience, contemporary and dynamic as today’s lifestyle.

D-Table can be used as a maxi tablet to keep and share all kinds of files .

Built-in apps can help you socialise, stay in touch, share and view documents and multimedia contents, organise photos, listen to music, and more. Interactive touch table D-Table’s functions are multi faceted, from entertainment to business, through the multi-touch interface and wireless connection.

TotApp Software Available in Standard and Professional Editions

TotApp is the software that runs in all the Danilo Cascella’s creations (D-Zero, D-Time, D-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Square ,D-Young) in the standard version and on request Professional.

TotApp is an interactive content management software program for multi-touch devices. In other words, it’s a solution that allows users to quickly design and upload content within interactive devices, such as interactive kiosks, desks, podiums, holographic projections, etc.

TotApp is a fully customisable professional multitouch programme with a simple and intuitive admin panel. It allows the creation of browsing paths on many levels, with both horizontal and vertical views, so it can be used for kiosks, interactive tables, shop windows, tablets, touch screens and much more, giving users the opportunity to use images, videos, maps, PDF files, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programmes and much more.