Tecnologia Touchscreen



The 100 points multitouch surface of the luxury touchscreen table is a durable tempered glass that will withstand almost any mechanical impact and prevent moisture from entering.

Technology & Design for dreamers

The touchscreen technology used in our interactive tables is undoubtedly one of the most advanced, thanks to its multi-touch capacity of up to 100 touches that allows people to perform tasks of different. Through our technology and the optimized software you can download different touch applications, through the store you can have directly from our table the latest news, entertaining games, or watch videos on any platform.

The touchscreen technology complemented by the capacitive technology  creates a perfect harmony so the multi-touch experience  can be unique and interactive.
The combination of these two technologies means that we can be sipping  a glass of wine and at the same time interact  you can interact in your social networks, sending a business email or editing a file notes of the day with simple gestures of our fingers.

A touchscreen kit is available, on request, in order to implement customers' own tables. D-Table is a niche design that can be fully customized.

D-Table Multitouch Table, to manage images, just swipe your finger across the 100 points multitouch screen, unleash the full potential of multitouch applications.

The constant features that encompass all the D-Table collections are the craftsmanship. All the D-Table range is completely handcrafted by Italian Artisan

The multitouch Software allows you to use D-Table as a maxi tablet to keep and share all kinds of files . D-Table features an operating system from Windows 10.

D-Table multitouch table is a niche design that can be fully customized and is crafted to the highest quality by italian specialists in furniture manufacturing.