D-Table products, not just touchscreen interactive tables

The D-Table products in addition to the range of interactive touchscreen tables, D-Square, D-Monster, D-Zero, D-Cosmo, D-Time, D-Young, D-Friend, D-Easy and the Totem, also include the D-App , the D-Sound, D-Kit.The D-Tables are multitouch interactive design tables with a 100-piece touch panel made based on a plasma panel with a multi-touch screen, to make the display ultra thin. The monitor of these multitouch tables supports a technology with Full HD resolution, which allows you to view high definition video content. The Multitouch tables are available in 48 "- 55" - 65 "sizes but can be customized according to customer needs.

Coffee Table Multitouch D-Table


D-Table products, the interactive multitouch design tables designed by Danilo Cascella, have a Luxury and a Business line. To the luxury collection, which includes the D-Square model, D-Cosmo, D-Monster, D-Young, D-Time, D-Zero, has been added to close the range, the D-Lounge coffee table. The D-Lounge coffee table is the model that was missing from the D-Table collection and is produced in one size only. 46cm high, it has a top of 142cm X 78cm which, in addition to hosting touchscreen technology.

D-Table products, not just touchscreen interactive tables

The Designer Danilo Cascella has designed and selected a series of products that improve the D-Table multitouch tables to be able to use them to the fullest.


The touchscreen tables of the D-Table range are supplied with two free touchscreen software: one for the touch gallery that allows you to manage dozens of images at the same time by more people and is very useful to manage presentations and for simple entertainment; in addition to the Touch Gallery we deliver the D-Table with a customized Screen Server with water effect with the company logo or with an image preferred by the customer.


D-App is a touchscren software, which can be purchased in standard version, for the management of interactive contents for multi-touch devices and allows for a personalized Desktop Home Page. The D-App is a software that allows users to quickly design and upload contents within their interactive devices. D-App complete D-Table providing the opportunity to use images, maps, file PDFs, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programs and much more. We have developed D-Table as a Plug & Play device that can be managed by anyone without previous knowledge of the product. In addition to the multitouch software, the designer also wanted to combine a design and Made in Italy Dock.


Danilo Cascella has chosen D-Sound as a wireless audio system for its D-Table. Each D-Sound is handmade in Modena, the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, with custom components. By connecting easily via Bluetooth D-Sound to the D-Table you can listen to music through a single piece of the history of Formula 1. Being a wirells device anyway, D-Sound can be connected to any other bluetooth system.


If you do not need the table but only the technology, the designer Danilo Cascella has created the D-Kit that is the only technological part with all multi-touch applications that can be placed in a table already in place or in production, can be inserted in a company table, in a shop or in a private house. The multitouch technolgy can be applied to any other table or wall depending on the need. The constant feature that unites all D-Table products is craftsmanship and of course, the "Made in Italy" factor. All our products are one by one manufactured and assembled by the hands of Italian artisans and specialized IT engineers. D-Table is an innovative solution ideal for effective and engaging presentations, interactive conferences, meetings, conferences, museums, hotels, for home entertainment and more...