The interactive multitouch home of D-Table

The interactive
multitouch home
of D-Table

The interactive Multitouch-home of D-Table

The interactive multitouch home of D-Table

Discover the new D-Table touchscreen solutions for your interactive multimedia home that allows you to manage and monitor endless features. The future at your home. Finally, sitting comfortably in the new interactive D-Table home, you can shop on the internet, search for the latest news, attend a conference, or listen to music while you're reviewing your last trip with your family, all sitting together at the D -Table, multi-touch design table.

All what we have always dreamed of has become reality. Multi-format multi-touch devices are now part of our lives and we find them both in public and private spaces as they offer the possibility to have an interactive area that meets the needs of practicality, safety, energy saving, resource optimization and waste reduction.



A home automation increases the comfort, the practicality and the safety of those who live it, improving the quality of life. The contemporary and versatile design of all D-Table products, an interactive multitouch table, is available in a mix of materials, customizations are also possible tailored to every need, choosing among the luxurious finishing options available in solid wood, briarwood, marble , crystal, steel and carbon fiber for a unique and original style design. D-Table uses the capacitive multitouch technology that is synonymous with safety, as it allows to isolate the technology inside a piece of furniture, allows the realization of "all flat" shapes and is immune to light. D-Table has a niche design that can be customized and is made with the highest quality by Italian artisans specializing in furniture production. As well as an interactive multitouch table D-Table can be designed as "Table", "Landscape" and "Portrait" depending on the orientation that is considered appropriate for its use.


A house equipped with integrated control systems is a smart home or domotics. Thanks to an integrated home automation system and a customized software it is possible to activate and deactivate the devices placed inside and outside our home, create customized scenarios and control energy loads to allow greater savings and waste reduction.