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Born from the ambition to share our work, our ideas and our projects looking in the eye but without depriving ourselves of cutting-edge technology, D-Table arrives in the business world with customized touchscreen software for touchscreen solutions. The possibility of having an interactive reception equipped with touchscreen solutions, touchscreen software, interactive tables and touchscreen walls, allows to meet the needs of practicality, safety and energy saving to optimize resources and reduce waste.

In addition to this we have the opportunity to interact with customers and entertain them in a moment of waiting or boredom. In fact, thanks to the touchscreen surface with 100-touch screen film and the wireless connection, each interactive touchscreen table can be equipped with multiple touchscreen positions that are independent of each other but connected as they are interactive.


Touchscreen Solutions

The D-Table touchscreen solutions enrich and modernize the reception of the hotels, with elegant multimedia displays suitable for conveying contents such as news, weather, stock exchange, entertainment and services. We have therefore decided to propose touchscreen D-Table solutions for the hotel industry, hotels, because our products offer many advantages. The versatility of D-Table is not only found in its technological system of touchscreen software absolutely open to meet the different requests of each customer, but also in its structure. In fact, as well as an interactive touchscreen conference table, we can design it as "Table", "Landscape" and "Portrait" depending on the orientation that is considered appropriate for its use. Some models can be mounted on a wall. D-Table is not just a touchscreen device on four legs but is also a design object of luxury furniture allied fundamental for our work. D-Table is also ideal solution for presentations, interactive conferences, meeting rooms, conferences and much more. Digital signage content can be managed by application programs through interactive D-Table tables allowing the individual or the workgroup to remotely modify the content, normally via the Internet or LAN in a fast and efficient manner.


Our touchscreen software is a professional touchscreen program completely tailored to fit every need with a simple and intuitive administration panel. It allows the creation of navigation paths on multiple levels, both horizontally and vertically giving users the opportunity to use images , maps, Pdf files, web pages, games, cameras, external programs and much more. D-Table software touchscreen solutions are used successfully by companies around the world to demonstrate their App in front of the public, in retail stores to improve the customer experience touchscreen, in agencies to encourage creative collaboration in teams.