D-Table, a luxury interactive design

The answer is without any doubt “yes of course!” Standard bearer of the “Made in Italy” values is
Danilo Cascella, creative mind behind D-Table. 

D-Table design also comes in two luxurious finishing options


Danilo Cascella the mind behind D-Table

Danilo Cascella is an entrepreneur born in Italy in 1966. Driven by passion and family experience, Danilo is pursuing a lifelong passion project started in the 50s by his parents, creators of the famous CASCELLA stores. 

During his early years, his work brought him to the UK and USA. After years abroad, Danilo came back to Italy to take over the family business. In 2013 he started to collaborate with Samsung and opened Samsung Lounge at Cascella Store in Porto Cervo. Among many ideas drawn from this collaboration was D-Table. Design, technology and fashion brought together in one object.


Fashion, technical and professional instruments

Italy is an endless source of inspiration, a place of grandeur and elegance where the importance of style permeates every aspect of life. The secret is "La Bella Figura" - literally 'the beautiful figure' - a cultural philosophy that is embedded deep in the Italian psyche. La Bella Figura influences art, architecture, design, even social etiquette; everything from the cut of a suit, the design of a car to the way you greet friends.