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Danilo Cascella

The Visionary and Elegant Premium Store


Following many years of experience in the world of fashion and design

danilo cascella Premium Store

Danilo Cascella Futurist entrepreneur with infallible instinct in research, creative mind of the
D-Table gives life to an e-commerce of Design, the DC Premium Store

Danilo Cascella has always distinguished himself for being an avant-garde entrepreneur with an infallible instinct in the deep search for detail and a unique and captivating style.He now proposes his business on the Web with an exclusive e-commerce of selected products of the purest made in Italy. A mix of design, art, technology, lifestyle, mobility and much more to reach an increasingly broad and diverse global audience. Driven by passion and a successful family history, Danilo Cascella has carried on a project started in the 1950s by his parents, creators of the famous CASCELLA fashion stores in Porto Cervo.

Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store DCPS, continues to cultivate his passion as always, the constant search for particular Design objects, characterized by unique details and styles that for the Made in Italy factor become world excellence. Danilo Cascella proposes, in addition to its own collection of D-Table Luxury Multitouch Table design tables, offers a selection of Carbon Fiber products made by TecknoMonster, a quality company specialized in the aerospace world, the IXoost Dock Stations with a strong identity coming from the world Formula 1. Pure value of Made in Italy, the extraordinary selections of objects by Qeeboo Design that unite internationally renowned designers and architects in an extravagant and contemporary collection, the unmistakable ceramic workings of Bosa expression of the pure Venetian tradition, the super refined elements in Murano glass by Purho designed by world-famous designers, the images of Antonio Guccione, the famous Milanese fashion photographer, the furnishing accessories by Baleri Italia, an evergreen expression of great masters of style, the fabulous gold leaf books by Roman publishing house D'Oro Collection, the purity of the objects in borosilicate glass by Bl ueside Emotional Design. Art in the original silk and cashmere fabrics for the home of Avant Toi Home.

Multitouch table

Danilo Cascella Premium Store

Lighting design, perfect creativity in lighting with lamps by Prandina, innovative carpets by Illulian, specialized in custom made, the design exercise bike by Ciclotte, luxury furnishings by Scarlet Splendor. Thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella and Daniele Comelli, the Premium Store has also entered the world of art, offering works by contemporary artists. Among the artists present Daniele Fortuna, Fabio Pietrantonio, Karl Lagasse, Cross Magri and many others.

The Italian tradition in accessories with Walking Sticks, luxurious shoe horns embellished with a prestigious selection of umbrellas and walking sticks. Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store hosts the Made in Italy design brands, real added value for contemporary luxury. Due to the particularity of the selections, some products may not be available for immediate delivery, they will be made with care exclusively for the customer at the time of the order and therefore may be ready in a period necessary for production.