D-Young, a touchscreen experience for millennials.



D-Young, compared to its predecessors, features a youthful and metropolitan look. It is available on the market at a new and appealing price range.

Contemporary in design with clear-cut and sharp lines

versatile for its simplicity to every type environment

D-Young high customisable

Unique and exciting touch screen experience

Technology allows people to use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media contents.

Connect your world

Digital Multi Touch Table

Millennials are always connected, perfectly aware of what they want and where to seek for it: online. D-Table is a contemporary solution for the demanding generation that communicate through social networks, brows the newspapers and shops directly on the net, watch videos and live their daily life confusing their on-line and off-line in an inseparable way.


The table is tested against all forms of corrosion; it is perfectly isolated from the liquid and can be cleaned with a simple gust of cloth.


  • 40 points multitouch screen waterproof
  • Monitor Options: 48″, 55"


  • Intel Core i5 - i7
  • SSD 240 GB
  • Installed Ram 16 GB
  • Intel Iris Graphics


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi AC
  • USB 3.0
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack


Frequency: from 50Hz to 60Hz, mono phase
Maximum continuous power: 150W
Operative temperature: from 10 to 35°C
Stockage temperature: from -40 to 47°C
Relative humidity: from 5% to 95% in absence of condense
Operative altitude: tested up to 3.000 m
Typical acoustic prestations, level of sound pressure
(with operator): 12 dBA when idle.