D-Theater – Luxury Multitouch Digital Suite


Luxury Multitouch Digital Suite

From the meeting of the D-Table Luxury Multitouch Solutions with the advanced Digital intelligence of the CT Innovation Suits Touchscreen, D-Theater Luxury Multitouch Digital Suite was born

The Digital Suite with an Interactive System for viewing and sharing contents that revolutionizes the way of presenting information, products, services in professional and private contexts with a high image content. D-Theater Luxury Multitouch Digital Suite enables Immersive environments for viewing and sharing different contents that involve different senses in interactive experiences that overcome physical barriers thanks to the intuitive interaction of the touch of the fingers and the live speaking borrowed from Artificial Intelligence. An innovative solution with extreme simplicity of access, use, management, updating and integrability with the systems and technologies already in use, on which it has no impact. This new and extraordinary tool for an immersive and interactive experience allows one or more users at the same time to use the movements of the fingers on their D-Table (Luxury or Business collection) to access and consult at the same time different contents by format and origin (images, videos, presentations, catalogs, collections, information from websites and from their personal folders), to view them in a scenographic and natural way through personalized representation paths choosing from multiple options according to your needs, to act on the contents in real time highlighting sections of texts and images as on a blackboard and, moreover, sharing them contextually with other subjects.

D-Theater Software Touchscreen


D-Theater Luxury Multitouch Digital Suite is dedicated to the different contexts in which the Luxury market is declined, with solutions studied and perfected tailored to every need: Retail solutions, Corporate solutions, Hospitality solutions, Real Estate and Welcome solutions. Each solution enables specific benefits in each individual context, business and process. In Retail, D-Theater Luxury Multitouch Digital Suite provides effective sales support both through the creation of an immersive environment that allows you to compare different models with great realism, highlight details, add precious annotations and dynamically correlate items and collections , both through the possibility of offering the customer a personalized and exciting shopping experience.In the Corporate context, a Digital Workspace environment is enabled for a new and modern corporate Smart Working, more agile, faster, more engaging, collaborative and innovative, while in the Hospitality sector the experience of staying for leisure guests is enriched and the direction of facilities operating in the MICE sector (Meeting Incoming Conference Exhibition) is guaranteed. All the Multi Touch Interactive functions available on the models of the D-Table collections, the Luxury Collection (D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster) and the Business Collection (D-Young, D-Easy, D-Lounge) are implemented using Capacitive Technology. The touch passes through a normal glass which offers a uniform touch experience over the whole area of ​​the monitor. This optimization results in a more accurate and precise tactile detection, the glass also covers and protects the electronics inside.

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