D-TABLE conquers Finger’s Garden in Milan

D-TABLE conquers Finger's Garden in Milan

Roberto Okabe, the chef at Finger's restaurants, commanded by "Japanese hardware, Brazilian software," as he nicely likes to define himself, decides to approach the state of art multitouch technology and the Italian design.

Inside the "Garden", the third of four Finger's restaurants opened in a row and hidden in the curves of the Maggiolina neighborhood in Milan, the “bandana boy” has decided to place one of the D-Table models created and customized by the designer Danilo Cascella. An experiment by Roberto, always looking for novelties and suggestions, to provide additional service to its exclusive clientele, positioning a D-Monster model at the entrance, allowing for the easier presentation of the dishes and table management.

 Finger’s Milan

The first restaurant, with its more intimate, romantic feel remains a favorite for those seeking a more quiet evening. Having spearheaded the Finger’s brand, many of Finger’s most famous dishes were created here and it continues to be the point of reference for lovers of creative Japanese and of the Finger’s unique flavor.

Via San Gerolamo
Emiliani, 2, Milano


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