D-Table and Tecknomonster unveil the multitouch table in carbon fiber.

D-Table and Tecknomonster
unveil the multitouch table in carbon fiber.

Two Italian designers, Danilo Cascella for D-Table and Giacomo Valentini for Tecknomonster respectively, combine their talents and creativity into a futuristic design.

A multitouch design table, D-Table, featuring unlimited tactile applications and conceived by Danilo Cascella’s pen, in its D-Young version, is enriched with a material boasting extraordinary features such as carbon fiber.

Therefore the partnership with Tecknomonster, the market leader in the production of carbon fiber excellence items, and their creative mind, Giacomo Valentini, for the experience in processing this material normally used in aerospace environment and for the construction of aircraft. At the moment, a limited edition of the D-Young table, which could be extended to the full range of D-Table models, which features a dynamic and youthful design, state of the art technology, and all the carbon fiber properties such as rigidity and high resistance to low density, minimal thickness and extreme lightness.

A table with an unlimited range of applications, perfect piece of forniture and home automation, boasts a sensitiveness to perceive 100 touches at the same time. Today D-Young is enriched by this niche material, which at the same time delivers a cutting edge style and an incredible resistance-to-weight ratio.

A common vision towards future scenarios, coupled with the desire to become both spokesman for the finest “Made in Italy" craftsmanship and design, are the basis for this partnership between the two designers and the two brands. D-Young Limited Ed. Carbon fiber will be available on the Tecknomonster brand's online platform and, of course, all the other models of the D-Table range can also be on request customized with carbon fiber.