The Interactive Table that reinvents the future by projecting itself into space



D-Space is the new Interactive Table by D-Table that reinvents the future by projecting itself into space.
Danilo Cascella redesigns the technological philosophy of interactive design by designing a table of surprising expressive power conceived to embark on a journey towards a personal vision of the future spaces of important international realities, passing from design to fashion, from art to architecture. D-Space, the latest addition to the D-Table family of luxury multitouch interactive tables, is designed to give life to a real sensory experience, to discover interconnected intelligent devices and innovative contents with infinite applications. Like all D-Table products, D-Space is also entirely Made in Italy by the hands of expert craftsmen.

Get ready to live the Future with a unique Multitouch Experience. D-Space is the spatial table of the Luxury collection of D-Table, versatile, elegant and contemporary that expresses in an increasingly universal way the philosophy of the brand that offers original and at the same time spectacular interactive tables.

D-Space Touch Table


The postmodern Tech desk that we all want

D-Space can radically redesign an exhibition space and revitalize any work environment. Entirely designed and produced by Danilo Cascella, this avant-garde table is essential and expresses the identity of the D-Table brand. As elegant as a sports car with its metallic sheen it adds an element of great glamor to any living room or office. D-Space is the table with multitouch surface and touchscreen technology that offers users the ability to install software and view content, images, maps, PDF files, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programs and much more. The Multitouch display is available in 43" and 49" inch sizes.


43” and 49” inch (other size on request)
43” FHD (1920 x 1080 px)
49” 4K (3840 x 2160 px)

Capacitive Technology Full Glass
Multitouch Screen

Windows 11

Intel Core i7/i9
Memory Ram 8GB/16GB
SSD 240GB/500 GB

USB 2.0
Audio Line Out

Size and Weight
Table size 180 x 80 cm,
Interactive area size 98 x 57 cm

All the Multi-Touch interactive functions available on the D-Table's selections, Luxury (D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster) and Business (D-Young, D-Easy, D-Lounge) collections are implemented using Capacitive Technology. The touch passes through a normal glass which offers a uniform touch experience over the whole area of ​​the monitor. This optimization results in a more accurate and precise tactile detection, the glass also covers and protects the electronics inside.
The constant characteristics that identify all the D-Table collections created by Danilo Cascella are craftsmanship and therefore, certainly, the "Made in Italy" factor, all multitouch tables are one by one made and assembled by the Italian hands of specialized craftsmen and computer engineers. The interactive functions and the Multitouch application available on all D-Table models, on the D-Kit Multitouch and on the interactive totems D-Point, Indoor and Outdoor are implemented using Capacitive Technology.