D-Point The interactive Touchscreen Totem of D-Table


D-Table Interactive Touchscreen Totem



Totem Touchscreen D-Point

D-Point in is the interactive indoor totem, an elegant solution capable of responding to a series of information, advertising or information needs.

The D-Point In, the interactive multimedia totem for interiors is a latest generation device but at the same time it is also a design object. The Totem touch screen, like the entire D-Table range, can be adapted to different contexts and can be customized according to the needs of our client, both in terms of size and content. The D-Point InTotem interior touchscreen is available in 32", 43", 55" sizes. The 10 points interactive display is made on the basis of a plasma panel with a multitouch screen so that the glass is ultra-thin Touchscreen technology integrated with the Inglass fiber optic system creates a perfect harmony, so the multitouch experience will be unique and interactive. Our touch screen multimedia totems operate on the basis of the Windows 10 operating system and interaction with the operating system is performed using a touch interface.



D-Table touchscreen interactive totems can also be integrated with our touchscreen software that will be customized according to customer needs. Touchscreen software allows you to design and upload personalized content in interactive devices such as interactive touchscreen totemsmultimedia tables, wall applications and video walls. The touchscreen software allows you to communicate ideas and information quickly and intuitively, to show and present the brand and products of the company, and much more. The touchscreen software we offer in our products is a professional multitouch program that can be completely customized with a simple and intuitive administration panel and allows navigation on multiple levels, both horizontally and vertically, so that it can be used, in fact, both in multimedia totems and in interactive touch screens. The digital revolution has completely changed the way companies communicate and work and D-Table provides touchscreen systems and solutions that offer users the opportunity to use images, maps, PDF files, web pages, social network games and more , able to strengthen their brand. D-Table with its D-Point In, the interactive touchscreen interior totem has found the connection between its elegant design and the possibility of offering a product for cutting-edge business solutions.


Display Size: 32" 43" 55"
Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1090px

PCAP Projective Capacitive Ultra
100 Points Multitouch Screen

Windows 10

Intel Core i7 16GB
Memory Ram
SSD 250 GB

USB 2.0
Audio Line Out

110-230VAC 50-60Hz

The capacitive touch screen display as well as the advantages also has disadvantages which are represented by a higher cost and a lower transparency compared to the optical one. The touch screens made with infrared technology, however, consist of a glass surrounded by a series of diodes and sensors positioned along the edges of the screen. Pulses are emitted from the LEDs to form an invisible network of light rays in front of the panel surface. When this link is interrupted by a solid object, the electronic circuit sends the coordinates to the controller. This technology has the advantage of offering very transparent screens and has excellent calibration stability. As a disadvantage, it has poor response speed to touch, problems with changes in brightness and with fingers that draw trajectories that intersect (occlusion). The positioning of the illuminators along the edges requires a frame that protrudes from the screen by a few millimeters. The constant characteristics that marks all the D-Table collections created by Danilo Cascella are the craftsmanship and then, of course, the "Made in Italy" factor, all the multitouch tables are one by one made and assembled by the hands of Italian and specialized artisans computer engineers. All the interactive features, the multitouch application, available on all D-Table models and on the Multitouch Kit and on interactive totems are implemented using capacitive or infrared, optical technology.

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