D-Cosmo Multitouch Table





D-Cosmo by D-Table is the Multitouch Interactive Table that has the flavor of pure craftsmanship with a Cosmopolitan and Contemporary vision.

Made of refined wood, the perfect expression of naturalness, D-Cosmo has the real flavor of pure craftsmanship and enters rightfully to be part of the D-Table Luxury collection. It represents the perfect harmony and connection between the most futuristic technology, pure design, and memory of the perfection of nature. A perfect expression of Italian Smart Design thanks to the simple union between technology and the natural essence of wood, so the designer Danilo Cascella transforms this table into a unique piece of furniture.

In the D-Cosmo, the table legs resemble the branches of trees and provide the environment with an ecological touch. Cosmopolitan Design, a refined style table made of solid natural oak wood, D-Cosmo represents the table with the most captivating design of the whole collection. The D-Cosmo project manages to create a product of great value, satisfies the inner desire to be closer to nature without doing without what we cannot deprive ourselves of today. Touchscreen technology, which allows us to be connected with the world through our daily actions whether they are dedicated to business or pleasure.

D-Cosmo is a table with multitouch surface and touchscreen technology that offers users the ability to install Software and view content, images, maps, PDF files, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programs, and much more. The Multitouch display is available in 49" sizes and also in other sizes on request. An interactive 100 - Fingers Touches Simultaneously table is made on the basis of a plasma panel with a multitouch screen, to make the table ultra-thin. Technology and Design are entirely Made in Italy.

D-Cosmo wooden touch table


Capacitive Multitouch Technology

All versions adopt 100 Fit Ultra Touch Capacitive  Technology, a brief explanation below:

The operation of a Capacitive Touch Screen is based on a glass-coated on the internal side with conductive layers which, from the moment when the fingers are touched (or with any conductive object), senses an alteration of the electric field. This alteration is immediately detected and managed by the management software which assigns the touch coordinates. The advantages of this technology are represented by the maximum protection of the glass layer which protects the technology and ensures greater resistance to wear over time. Another of the advantages of these touch devices is the remarkable ease of use due to the excellent sensitivity of these displays that do not require strong pressures to operate but only require a light touch. Unlike optical touch screens, it is immune to changes in ambient brightness, allows detection of the amount of pressure on the touch, and allows the creation of devices with all-flat shapes. The Capacitive Touch Screen Display as well as advantages also have disadvantages which are represented by a higher cost and less transparency than the optical ones. Our screens are all water-resistant and support any weight that is compatible with a glass table, it is, therefore, possible to use it as a normal crystal table for all uses including a refreshment activity, for writing, eating, or drinking as long as it is turned off, obviously when it is on any touch will be recognized with an interactive command.

All models are equipped with W11 Operating System with Wireless and Bluetooth connection, I7 16Gb 240 SSD


Display Size: 49" (other size on request)
Resolution: (4k Full HD) 3840 x 2160px

Capacitive Technology Full Glass
100 Points Multitouch Screen

Windows 11

Intel Core i7/i9
Memory Ram 8GB/16GB
SSD 240 GB/500GB

USB 2.0
Audio Line Out

110-230VAC 50-60Hz

All the Multi Touch Interactive functions available on the D-Table selections, Luxury (D-Square, D-Cosmo, D-Monster) and Business (D-Young, D-Easy, D-Lounge) collections are implemented using Capacitive Technology. The touch passes through a normal glass which offers a uniform touch experience over the whole area of ​​the monitor. This optimization results in a more accurate and precise tactile detection, the glass also covers and protects the electronics inside.

Any D-Table products can also be integrated with our Touch Screen Software highly customizable in content according to customer needs. Multitouch Software allows you to design and upload customized content within interactive devices.
The constant characteristics that identify all the D-Table collections created by Danilo Cascella are craftsmanship and therefore, certainly, the "Made in Italy" factor, all multitouch tables are one by one made and assembled by the Italian hands of specialized craftsmen and computer engineers. The interactive functions and the Multitouch application available on all D-Table models, on the D-Kit Multitouch and on the interactive totems D-Point, Indoor and Outdoor are implemented using Capacitive Technology.