D-Circle, The Interactive Round Table by D-Table


The Interactive Round Table by D-Table


The Interactive Round

D-Circle is the first multimedia table in the world with the round interactive display. No edges, no forced points of view, finally a monitor exploited at 360 °.
The 60cm diameter display houses the Capacitive Technology Full Glass 40 Points Multitouch Screen.
Ideal for improving the customer experience, the perception of the brand, as a sales support thanks to the consultation of interactive contents.

D-Circle Touch Table


Interactive Round Table by D-Table

D-TABLE – The first luxury multitouch design table created by Danilo Cascella, highly customizable, a perfect piece of furniture for prestigious interiors and home automation. The D-Table features are endless, from entertainment to business, through the multitouch interface and wireless and Bluetooth connection.

D-Tablemultitouch table allows you to surf the internet and make your choices at the touch of a finger. Thanks to the large multitouch interactive surface, D-Table lends itself to the most different uses. The state of the art multitouch technology of touch recognition used by display multitouch table D-Table by Danilo Cascella, in all the different models of D-Table (D-SquareD-CosmoD-MonsterD-YoungD-Easy and D-Lounge). This multitouch interactive table also allows multiple users to work simultaneously with the multitouch film functionality with 100 touches. Multitouch large format devices are now part of our lives and we find them both in public and private spaces as they offer the possibility of having an interactive area that meets the needs of practicality, safety, energy-saving, optimization of resources and waste reduction. The contemporary and versatile design of all D-Table products is divided into a mix of materials and customizations are possible tailored to every need choosing from the luxurious finishing options available in solid wood, briarwood, marble, crystal, steel, titanium and Carbon Fiber for a unique and original style.

Interactive Round Table


Display Diameter:
60 cm

Capacitive Technology Full Glass
40 Points Multitouch Screen

Windows 11

Intel Core i7/i9
Memory Ram 8GB/16GB
SSD 240 GB/500GB

USB 2.0
Audio Line Out

110-230VAC 50-60Hz

All the Multi-Touch interactive functions available on the D-Table's selections, Luxury (D-SquareD-CosmoD-Monster) and Business (D-YoungD-EasyD-Lounge) collections are implemented using Capacitive Technology. The touch passes through a normal glass which offers a uniform touch experience over the whole area of ​​the monitor. This optimization results in a more accurate and precise tactile detection, the glass also covers and protects the electronics inside.
The constant characteristics that identify all the D-Table collections created by Danilo Cascella are craftsmanship and therefore, certainly, the "Made in Italy" factor, all multitouch tables are one by one made and assembled by the Italian hands of specialized craftsmen and computer engineers. The interactive functions and the Multitouch application available on all D-Table models, on the D-Kit Multitouch and on the interactive totems D-Point, Indoor and Outdoor are implemented using Capacitive Technology.