94° Pitti Uomo 2018 – Florence

D-Table 94° Pitti Uomo
Multi-Touch Technology
combined with Fashion and Design


12 - 15 JUNE 2018 - FLORENCE

Fascinated by the design and the potential opportunities of use, Fefè Glamor Pochette, a Neapolitan company of male accessories, in order to present the new SS2019 collection at Pitti Uomo, will than use f the D-Table. It will also propose a branded version with the well known Fefè graphic. By sharing the same vision and open minds towards future scenarios, D-Table by Danilo Cascella and Fefè Glamor Pochette match their creativity and strength to create a home automation tool that combines the style of the two Italian excellence and can be on request purchased. Italian art, architecture and design are a cultural philosophy proudly laid out in every production, from tailoring to cuts of valuable materials.

Pitti uomo 2018 touch table
Pitti Uomo 2018
Pitti Uomo 2018 Multitouch Table

Such a great opportunity, the upcoming edition 94 of Pitti Uomo in Florence to present to Fashion and Retail, D-Table, Multi-touch interactive table by designer Danilo Cascella, and its many applications that will open to the two industries a view on the future. Available in six models, entirely of design and highly customizable, it will be introduced with the D-Young version, the latest born and back from the recent success at 2018 Design Week in Milan, at the Fefe Glamor Pochette booth in the Central Pavilion at C13.

Strengthened by a well-established experience in the fashion and design world, also thanks to its family background, which sees his father as owner of the historic Cascella Store in Porto Cervo, landmark of the exclusive location for 50 years; Danilo conceived this creation with in mind, not only the needs of prestigious private living rooms, but also the needs of stores, showrooms, concept stores and fashion brands in general. A perfect complement of furniture and home automation tool, D-Table can help all fashion and accessories brands with their sales and CRM activities. This is witnessed by many requests already received by leading companies asking for bespoke or branded versions to be placed in their offices and stores as well as the recent requests for the installing of the technology even in already existing tables. Allowing a customer to browse the latest collections within a showroom or shop, to swipe catalogs and make orders, surf the web, watch an emotional brand video while sipping a coffee, are just the most basic operations that the multitouch interface of D-Table allows. You can start with this, through its sensitive surface, in variable size on demand and perceiving movements of 100 fingers at the same time, to set conference calls and presentations, interactively to look at sales trends and related charts, to store customer data and so on

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