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D-Table - luxury multitouch table allows you to surf the Internet and make your choices with the touch of a finger. An interactive design, highly customizable, a perfect piece of furniture for prestigious interiors and home automation. The D-Table features are endless, from entertainment to business, through the multitouch interface and wireless and bluetoot connection.

D-Table is a unique and exciting touchscreen experience, contemporary and dynamic like today's lifestyle. Cutting-edge technology and innovative Italian design come together in a single piece of futuristic furniture. The touchscreen surface of the table brings the latest 100-touch technology at your fingertips.

Business solutions multitouch

D-TABLE Solutions Multitouch

Business solutions Multitouch

Born from the desire to share our work, our ideas and our projects looking in the eye but without depriving us of the cutting-edge multitouch technology, D-Table arrives in the business world with customized touchscreen software for multitouch solutions.

The versatility of D-Table is not only found in its technological system, which is absolutely open to satisfy the different requests of each individual customer, but also in its structure. In fact, as well as an interactive multitouch conference table, we can design it as "Table", "Landscape" and "Portrait" depending on the orientation that is considered appropriate for its use.

D-TABLE Hotel Solutions Touchscreen

Digital Creative Solutions

D-Table implements and modernizes. the reception of hotels, suites and other rooms with elegant touchscreen multimedia displays suitable for conveying contents such as news, weather, stock exchange, entertainment and services. We have therefore decided to offer the D-Table touchscreen solutions for the hotel industry, hotels, because our products offer many advantages and a unique touchscreen experience. The versatility of D-Table is not only found in its technological system of touchscreen software absolutely open to meet the different requests of each customer, but also in its structure.


An interactive and highly customizable design - High-end multitouch tables - MADE IN ITALY

Italy, famous for quality and craftsmanship, the prestigious "Made in Italy" label has a golden value. The entire D-Table range (D-Zero, D-Time, D-Cosmo, D-Square, D-Monster, D-Young, D-Easy, D-Friend) is completely handmade by Italian artisans. D-Table has a niche design, a valuable piece of furniture, which can be completely customized and is designed for the highest quality by Italian specialists in the furniture production sector in the Corepixx headquarters in Modena.

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An interactive design and highly customizable luxury multitouch tables

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