Luxury Multitouch Table


Digital tables and Multitouch Experience

D-Table the luxury multitouch table that allows you to surf the Internet and make your choices with the touch of a finger. An interactive, highly customizable design, a perfect piece of furniture for prestigious interiors and home automation. The functions of D-Table are infinite, from entertainment to the business, through the multitouch interface, the wireless and bluetooth connection.

D-Table is a unique and exciting touchscreen experience, contemporary and dynamic like today's lifestyle. Cutting-edge technology and innovative Italian design come together in a single futuristic piece of furniture. The touchscreen surface of the table brings the latest 100 touch technology within reach, enabling you to obtain a top quality performance. Danilo Cascella is the holder of the "Made in Italy" flag and the creative mind behind D-Table, the first and only interactive multitouch design table in the world. The common feature of all D-Table collections is the refinement which together with the quality makes it an exclusive product. The whole D-Table range is entirely handmade, created by the best Italian manufacture. The made in Italy " factor " is basic to obtain a table with these special characteristics.




Technology and Design for Dreamers

Capacitive technology is the only touch option that D-Table offers for the products of its collections. The 100-point multitouch surface of the luxury touchscreen table is a tough tempered glass that resists almost all mechanical impacts and prevents moisture from entering. All the screens are water resistant and support any weight that is compatible with a crystal table and consequently when it is off it can be used with a simple furnishing or service table. Unleash the full potential of multitouch applications with the capabilities of the Capacitive 100 Touch interactive technology. Using our tables is simple and fascinating. Presenting projects, making business meetings with your partners or customers in order to share any type of video contents, images, software and files of all kinds becomes a very engaging and exciting interactive experience. It is also possible to make conference calls thanks to the connectivity that you can use by connecting our table to other devices such as cameras, microphones and external audio systems. It is convenient to use our tables with cartographic applications and photo galleries, familiar gestures for fans of modern gadget gestures: all this is now possible thanks to the use of high-quality Multitouch technology by D-Table, a luxury interactive table by Danilo Cascella. To manage the images, just slide your finger on the 100-point multitouch screen and with our software you can launch documents on an external device connected to the table to also involve a considerable number of participants such as a conference.

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