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D-Table Luxury Multitouch Table, the interactive table allows you to work, share, surf on the Internet and make your choices with a simple touch of a finger. An Interactive Design, highly customizable, a perfect element of furniture for prestigious interiors and for Home Automation. The D-Table functions are infinite, from pleasure to business, through the Multi-Touch Interface and wireless and bluetooth connection, it guarantees perfect fast and reliable use.

D-Table is a unique and exciting touchscreen experience, contemporary and dynamic like today's lifestyle. State-of-the-art technology and innovative Italian design come together in a unique piece of futuristic furniture. The touchscreen surface of the interactive table supports the latest ULTRA FIT 100 Points Capacitive Technology. Danilo Cascella is the standard-bearer of Made in Italy and the creative mind behind the D-Table is the Multitouch Table of Interactive Design Made in Italy. The common feature of all D-Table products is refinement. The entire D-Table range is completely handmade, created by the best Italian manufacture.

D-Table Luxury Multitouch



Technology and Design for Dreamers

The advanced Multi-Touch Technology used on our interactive Tables is certainly one of the most advanced thanks to the 100 Points Multitouch capability that allows multiple people to work simultaneously. ULTRA FIT Capacitive Skin is combined with the innovative Italian Design in a single piece of futuristic furniture. The surface of the table's multitouch screen boasts the latest technology and thanks to the touch screen software we have developed D-Table as a plug & play device. An innovative way to enjoy your work. Unleash the full potential of D-Table applications through the infinite functionality of the Software of our collection. The D-Table allows you to work with cartographic applications and photo galleries, through a simple and familiar gesture. D-Table the Luxury Multitouch table by Danilo Cascella gives value to your work in a constantly evolving market. The quality of the capacitive technology with which all the tables are equipped offers the possibility of obtaining excellent performance in every action of your business. The keywords are Workspaces and Smart Working thanks to D-Table to work and collaborate with new possibilities, satisfy needs, and flexibility. Simply swipe your finger across the 100 Points Multitouch screen to fully enjoy the performance of a D-Table.

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